About Opge

Who are we?

The Panamerican Gastroenterology Organization (OPGE) is a scientific entity whose mission is to promote the development of Gastroenterology in the countries of America in the widest sense.

For the fulfillment of its objectives, OPGE has a directive composed by specialists from all the Americas, that maintains the vitality and activity of the organization, that enriches the relations between the countries that it integrates as well as between this Institution and other similar ones from other continents. , maintaining strong links with other scientific entities and government authorities.

In order to fulfill its objectives, OPGE carries out constant scientific dissemination activities on the specialty, through different means, organizes each year the PANAMERICANO Congress of Gastroenterology and supports the activity of the Gastroenterology Societies IN EACH MIEMBRO COUNTRY. In order to strengthen the fulfillment of its purposes of updating, disseminating and integrating specialists at a continental level, and in a close relationship with the OPGE Education, Research and Ethics Committee, the OPGE Publication Committee produces this website to disseminate the important activity of the specialty in the region.