Objectives and Strategic Plan

Our mission

OPGE, an organization made up of the American Societies of the specialty, whose mission is to promote progress in the science and practice of Gastroenterology throughout the continent, with the aim of improving the quality of life of our patients.


1. Education

General objective: Promote the dissemination of knowledge, research and new developments in the care of our patients through face-to-face events and electronic media (Continuing Medical Education).

a. Distance learning courses:

Develop modern and effective tools to meet the needs of current and future teaching (implement and strengthen the concept of Distance Courses, Virtual Clinical Cases, etc.

b. Evaluations – Knowledge test – Trivia

Help OPGE member-countries in their educational intentions through support; offer virtual platforms from the Association to improve dissemination, exposure and evaluation tools.

c. Participation in the Congresses of the specialty in American countries:

Stimulate interaction between OPGE and its member-Societies to optimize the content and structure of postgraduate teaching.

Develop work initiatives in science and professional training courses in collaboration with the most prestigious clinical institutions in America.

Promote and apply the approach from Evidence-Based Medicine and the multidisciplinary concept in postgraduate teaching.

2. Publications

  • Guides
  • Annual Award for Best America Group Publication

3. Make Agreements with Other Organizations

4. Young Gastroenterologists: Scholarships, Incentives, Awards:

Revitalize the Scholarship Program offered by OPGE, which in this way, allow offering opportunities to young gastroenterologists of our continent for their training in Clinical and Research.

Stimulate the creation of networks for research, education and assistance purposes, covering the entire Americas based on OPGE.

Produce a first level Scientific Program in the face-to-face and virtual events to be developed.

Promote high-quality scholarship programs and research awards.

5. Promote activities in Gastroenterology Reference Centers

6. Industry

Optimize the relationship with the Pharmaceutical Industry within the corresponding ethical precepts.