Young Pan Americans at Summer School 2023

With optimal results and new contact networks, 4 representatives from Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia traveled to Prague to participate in the main European hands-on gastroenterology course.

After various efforts by OPGE that began in 2012 with the United European Gastroenterology (UEG), joint symposiums began to be held between both entities. Thus, year after year “Hot topics in Latin America” take place at UEG Week and “The best of UEG Week” at the Pan-American Week of Gastroenterology. On this occasion, we proudly share the joy of a new appointment held at Summer School 2023, an activity that took place in Prague (Czech Republic), between June 9 and 10.

The Pan American participants were: Gustavo Andino (Argentina), Florencia Gordienko (Uruguay), Caterina Chesta (Colombia) and Laura Osorio (Colombia). The young people made a positive assessment and expanded their contact networks, after the experience in Europe.

Dr. Edgardo Smecuol (Argentina), OPGE Honorary Executive Secretary, pointed out: “From the current management, the boundaries of the agreement were extended to carry out other joint activities such as webinars in Spanish on the UEG website and recently the incorporation of young OPGE colleagues at the aforementioned Summer School, an event initially limited to European participants”.

For his part, Dr. Ignacio Catalán, coordinator of this activity from the UEG, commented: “It has been a pleasure and an honor to receive these young Latin American talents at the UEG Summer School this year. They have had the opportunity to participate in the hands-on workshops and to interact with the European participants and the teachers, increasing the ties and synergies between UEG and OPGE. We trust that this is only the beginning of many more participations and exchanges in the context of our collaboration with OPGE”.

This activity, considered one of the most relevant in terms of intensity and interactivity in the hands-on courses category, has positioned itself as a unique gastroenterological training opportunity in Europe. During two days, practical training addresses various topics by experts in charge of small groups, opening the opportunity to meet, socialize and share ideas and learning. It is a fantastic instance to improve practical skills and strengthen networks of contacts.

Pan American Week of Gastroenterology 2023

The “Pan American Week of Gastroenterology” is a great scientific event that brings together the countries of North, Central and South America and that in October of this year will be held between October 8 and 11 in Santiago de Chile. Traditionally it was held biannually, but due to the pandemic it has not been held for several years. The organization of the event includes the participation of the Pan American Gastroenterology Organization (OPGE), the Inter-American Endoscopy Society (SIED) and the Gastroenterology Society of the host country, this year corresponding to the Chilean Gastroenterology Society.

In the words of Dr. Juan Pablo Roblero, “In this Pan-American Week we will have more than 120 invited speakers, from the region and also from Europe and Asia. We expect an attendance of more than 2000 people and the presentation of a large number of scientific papers “.
On Saturday, October 7, we will have a Postgraduate course, a pre-congress on Endoscopy and another pre-congress course on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Both will have outstanding teachers.

“During the scientific event, the different topics of gastroenterology will be addressed, such as the different endoscopic procedures, their new applications and lines of development. In addition, there will be endoscopy workshops, analysis and discussion of videos of endoscopic procedures”, says the specialist .

Likewise, the meeting will have the participation of prominent speakers who will update the audience on the study and treatment of pancreatic and liver diseases, functional digestive disorders, inflammatory bowel diseases, Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer, celiac disease, nutrition, digestive oncological diseases. , imaging, gastroenterology in pediatrics and numerous topics that will be covered through conferences, symposiums and lunches with the professor.

In addition, there will be conferences and activities aimed especially at nurses working in the area of gastroenterology and also activities organized by and for paramedical technologists working in these areas.

For his part, Dr. Alex Navarro commented that in the Pan American Week of Digestive Diseases, the conferences are oriented towards updating concepts, both in the diagnostic field and in the treatment of prevalent pathologies. In our region, Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer are of high interest.

“We will have a plenary session aimed at discussing the relevant topics of the Maastricht Consensus on the management of Helicobacter pylori Infection. Other notable topics to mention are the advances in the global registry of Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium genome project and the antibiotic resistance studies that lead to new therapeutic regimens,” he specified.

Regarding gastric cancer, the specialist points out that it is important to highlight conferences aimed at the current epidemiological situation, pathophysiological mechanisms of carcinogenesis, genetic studies and biomarkers that affect treatment results. In these topics, we will have outstanding speakers, whose relevance and related publications is indisputable. We can mention, for example, Dr. Peter Malfertheiner, Dr. Constanza Camargo, Dr. Leticia Moreira, Dr. Robert Huang, Dr. Richard Peek, Dr. Douglas Morgan, Dr. Massimo Rugge, among others.

Within the framework of the OPGE assembly, during the course of DDW in May 2023, the presidents / representatives of Latin American Gastroenterology Societies were exposed to the outstanding aspects of the topics and exhibitors, arousing immediate interest. We are currently reinforcing the dissemination of topics and exhibitors at the Latin American level, inviting everyone to participate in this great scientific event.

New in the Celiac Disease and Small Intestine module

The activities related to celiac disease (CD) will have great relevance in the Pan American Week of Digestive Diseases (SPED), an instance in which various aspects will be analyzed by continental and international references.

In the opinion of Dr. Edgardo Smecuol, executive secretary of OPGE, “SPED will have the presence of Prof. Riccardo Troncone (Italy) who served as President of the last “International Celiac Disease Symposium” held in Sorrento (Italy) in October 2022, who will refer in his conferences to all the novelties that arose in said event.Another important international figure in the matter will also be present, such as Prof. Julio C. Bai (Argentina), a relevant researcher in celiac disease, who has developed numerous lines of research that marked milestones in the knowledge of the disease”.

The module will also include interesting topics to be developed, such as the different clinical aspects of this entity, with special emphasis on the numerous extraintestinal manifestations of CD and a highly topical situation such as the adherence of many patients to a gluten-free diet, despite not having an appropriate diagnosis, impairing an adequate identification of the disease.

“During SPED, new developments related to CD-associated blood markers will also be discussed, which have undergone notable progress in recent years; thus, at the event we will see the bases that have led to considering the possibility of diagnosing CD without perform the “classic” intestinal biopsy, using exclusively specific antibodies.
Other novelties of great significance will be presented by Prof. Elena Verdú (Mc Master University, Canada), an international reference in the knowledge of the intestinal microbiota, who will address the influence of the microbiome on the pathophysiology of CD and the potential use of probiotics in the treatment,” Smecuol said.

In the specialist’s opinion, there is widespread concern about the follow-up of celiac patients and about compliance with a gluten-free diet, a challenging situation in clinical practice. In this sense, SPED will be the area in which an update is offered on how to identify adherence and transgressions, particularly from the recent incorporation into clinical practice of determining the presence of immunogenic gliadin peptides (GIP) in urine or feces of patients.

The management of patients with persistent or refractory symptoms is another highly topical topic and will also be addressed in SPED, together with the numerous drug proposals under development for the treatment of these severe CD complications. In summary, everything of importance and current affairs related to celiac disease will have its place in the symposia dedicated to this important pathology at SPED.

News of the Neurogastroenterology module

The neurogastroenterology module has the participation of two large groups, on the one hand the Roma Foundation and on the other the Latin American Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility.
In the opinion of Dr. Claudia Defilippi, President of the Chilean Society of Gastroenterology (host country), “Fundación Roma will have three different symposiums where the doctor-patient relationship will be delved into, interviews, the vision of both the clinician and the patient, as well of the discussion of clinical cases. This is something very practical that has the objective of improving our skills and leaving with concrete knowledge after the talks. Likewise, we will also have the participation of their world expert in gastroesophageal reflux disease, such as the Dr Daniel Sifrim, who will develop the topic of refractory reflux, how to manage and treat it, along with keynote talks and clinical cases.”

For his part, Dr. Hugo Monrroy added that: “From the SLNG a broad varnish will be made on the prevalent pathology and from the Roma Foundation topics will be added from the perspective of the patient. The modules where Dr. Sifrim will participate will be mainly focused to esophageal pathology. There is great expectation among national and international residents, gastroenterologists, and neurogastroenterologists, due to the importance of the issues to be addressed by world leaders in the area.”

To close the module, the specialist highlights the block of the Latin American Neurogastro Society, in which different topics such as irritable bowel syndrome, functional dyspepsia, microbiota and news from the latest Ascona 2023 motility meeting will be addressed.

“Until now, the reception from the medical audience has been excellent, arousing high expectations, especially due to the quality and experience of the international guests and the large number of talks that cover all the topics of neurogastroenterology. Although they are topics specific to the area, the idea is to provide an updated view of different topics that is useful to adult and pediatric gastroenterologists,” Defilippi said.

For the host authority of SPED 2023, among its main news stands out: Dr. Daniel Sifrim, an expert in reflux disease, who will surely shed light on the new Lyon 2 consensus that is in development and will comment on the news of Ascona III, where a new technique to evaluate gastric electrical activity called Gastric Alimetry and the usefulness of magnetic resonance imaging to evaluate the functionality and motility of the digestive tract were studied in depth. And undoubtedly, having the participation of doctors Douglas Drossman, Lin Chang and Max Schmulson from Fundación Roma will be an enormous privilege for those attending the meeting.

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Module

The Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) block will feature internationally renowned guests, including Dr. Croitoru, Dr. Charabaty and Dr. Kotze, all leaders in inflammatory disease research and development, who will present talks plenary sessions and will participate in specialty modules. “In addition, we will have two modules from PANCCO, the Pan American Organization for Inflammatory Disease, with exponents from Latin America,” said Dr. Carolina Pavez.

This module aims to be a great event to share, update and generate collaborative work networks. The program includes a diverse thematic guideline among which stand out: Amerindian genes in IBD, pregnancy and IBD, biological treatments, surgical approach in Crohn’s Disease, among others.

Editorial July 2023

The Pan American Week of Digestive Diseases (SPED) is a continental event that in the 2023 version, we will carry out as hosts, the Chilean Society of Gastroenterology (SChGE), led by its President, Dr. Claudia Defilippi; the Inter-American Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SIED), chaired by Dr. Fernando Fluxá, and the Pan-American Gastroenterology Organization (OPGE), of which I have the honor of chairing. The path of preparation for the SPED has not been without difficulties, but the 3 scientific organizations have made the greatest effort to have a great event, which will be held in Santiago de Chile from October 8 to 11. The designed program is of high quality and will be 100% face-to-face, so we hope to convene a large number of specialists from the Americas.

The OPGE program was developed by the steering committee, in conjunction with the SChGE Disciplinary Associations. In this coordination, I highlight the leadership of Dr. Alex Navarro and Dr. Juan Pablo Roblero, as well as the participation of Dr. Carolina Pavez (Inflammatory Bowel Disease Block); Dr. Edgardo Smecuol (Celiac Disease); Hugo Monrroy (Neurogastroenterology) and Pablo Cortés (Telemedicine). The Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer program has more than 15 international experts, highlighting the presence of the Maastricht group of experts including doctors Megraud, Malfertheiner and Rugge, as well as experts from the USA, such as doctors Peek, Huang and Shah. We have worked hard to have a great program and in the last 18 months we have been present in most of the national and international congresses, to disseminate SPED as well as the various activities that we develop at OPGE and SIED, so I think we are prepared for a great celebration of gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy at a continental level.

All the information related to the SPED is available at, and both the early bird registration with reduced prices and the reception of abstracts for the presentation of free papers have been extended until July 20. . We are waiting for you!

Dr. Arnoldo Riquelme
Pan American Congress of Gastroenterology 2023

XV Conference on Advances in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

March 17 to 18, 2023

Great Hall
German Clinic Santiago,
Av. Manquehue Norte 1410, Vitacura


The objective is the promotion, dissemination and updating of knowledge and techniques in the gastroenterological and endoscopic area with special emphasis on digestive tract preneoplastic and neoplastic diseases, advanced therapeutic endoscopy, contribution of images in the diagnosis and management of digestive tract pathologies and updating in management of liver and pancreatic pathologies


Gastroenterologists and gastroenterology fellows, general and digestive surgeons, therapeutic endoscopists, internists, family medicine, emergency medicine and primary care.


February 15, 2023 | November 15, 2023

New in this edition. More participatory!

– Practical cases by ZOOM.
– Relevant news in the mailbox.
– New subject! Nutritional support in digestive emergencies.

II National Emergency Course in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

HUESCA MAY 4-6, 2023


– Contribute to the training of the clinician in the management of the most frequent gastrointestinal emergencies.

– This course has among its objectives to be a vehicular course for the new training path sponsored by the AEG to promote clinical training of excellence (up to 90 university postgraduate credits at the end of the MIR training).


– Describe the most common gastrointestinal diseases in Hospital Emergency Services.

– Provide resources to carry out a cost-effective diagnosis.

– Provide therapeutic criteria based on the best available evidence.

– Promote clinical reasoning for the resolution of complex clinical scenarios.

2nd International Tangled Edition

Saturday December 3


Natalie Garcia
Spanish Association of Gastroenterology [AEG]

Paul Machado
Uruguayan Association of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy [AUGE]

Juano Chirinos
Society of Gastroenterology of Peru [SGP

XI International Course on Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy

III International course on hepatology, pancreas and bile ducts

First meeting of digestive endoscopy LATAM “Regional Norte SIED”

DATE: 28-29-30 OCTOBER 2022

International Course on Endoscopic Emergencies

From October 31 to December 10

Addressed to:
Gastroenterologists and endoscopist surgeons, interested in endoscopic urgency.

Reports and registration in

Pan American Week of Digestive Diseases – SPED 2023

October 8 to 11, 2023

Centro Parque Convention Center – Hotel Marriot Santiago
Santiago de Chile

Great event that includes the “Pan American Gastroenterology Congress” (GASTRO 2023) and brings together the most outstanding national and foreign speakers of the moment. Their presentations will cover the main areas of gastroenterology.

Congress that has an excellent scientific program, updated topics on the main topics of Gastroenterology, plenary sessions, interactive interdisciplinary symposiums, magisterial conferences, simultaneous courses, pre-congress courses on gastro-oncology, pre-congress course on digestive endoscopy and presentation of clinical cases.